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Poem by Robert Burns

Written on the Blank Leaf of the Last Edition of his Poems

Presented to the lady whom he had often celebrated 
under the name of Chloris

Tis Friendships pledge, my young, fair friend,
  Nor thou the gift refuse,
Nor with unwilling ear attend
  The moralizing Muse.

Since thou, in all thy youth and charms,
  Must bid the world adieu
(A world gainst peace in constant arms)
  To join the friendly few;

Since, thy gay morn of life oercast,
  Chill came the tempests lower
(And neer misfortunes eastern blast
  Did nip a fairer flower);

Since lifes gay scenes must charm no more,-
  Still much is left behind;
Still nobler wealth hast thou in store-
  The comforts of the mind!

Thine is the self-approving glow,
  Of conscious honours part;
And, dearest gift of heaven below,
  Thine friendships truest heart.

The joys refind of sense and taste,
  With every muse to rove:
And doubly were the poet blest,
  These joys could he improve.

Robert Burns

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