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Poem by Robert Burns

The Farewell (Farewell, old Scotias bleak domains)

FAREWELL, old Scotias bleak domains,
Far dearer than the torrid plains
  Where rich ananas blow!
Farewell, a mothers blessing dear!
A brothers sigh! a sisters tear!
  My Jeans heart-rending throe!
Farewell, my Bess! tho thourt bereft
  Of my parental care,
A faithful brother I have left,
  My part in him thoult share!
    Adieu too, to you too,
      My Smith, my bosom frien;
    When kindly you mind me,
      O then befriend my Jean!

When bursting anguish tears my heart,
From thee, my Jeany, must I part?
  Thou weeping answreat no!
Alas! misfortune stares my face,
And points to ruin and disgrace;
  I for thy sake must go!
Thee, Hamilton, and Aiken dear,
  A grateful, warm adieu!
I, with a much-indebted tear,
  Shall still remember you!
    All-hail then the gale then,
      Wafts me from thee, dear shore!
    It rustles, and whistles,
      Ill never see thee more!


                      Robert Burns

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