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Poem by Robert Burns

To Gavin Hamilton, Esq., Mauchline, Recommending A Boy

I HOLD it, Sir, my bounden duty,
To warn you how that Master Tootie,
    Alias Laird MGaun,
Was here to lure the lad away
Bout whom ye spak the tither day,
    An wad hae donet aff han:
But lest he learn the callan tricks,
  As faith I muckle doubt him,
Like scrapin out auld Crummies nicks,
  An tellin lies about them;
  As lieve then Id have then
    Your clerkship he should sair,
  If sae be ye may be
    Not fitted otherwhere.

Altho I sayt, hes gleg enough,
An bout a house thats rude an rough,
    The boy might learn to swear;
But then wi you, hell be sae taught,
An get sic fair example straught,
    I hae na ony fear.
Yell catechize him every quirk,
  An shore him weel wi hell;
An gar him follow to the kirk-
  Aye when ye gang yoursel.
  If ye then, maun be then
    Frae hame this comin Friday,
  Then please, sir, to leas, sir,
    The orders wi your lady.

My word of honour I hae gien,
In Paisley Johns, that night at een,
    To meet the Warlds worm:
To try to get the twa to gree,
An name the airles an the fee,
    In legal mode an form:
I ken he weel a snick can draw,
  When simple bodies let him;
An if a Devil be at a,
  In faith hes sure to get him.
  To phrase you an praise you
    Ye ken your Laureat scorns:
  The prayr still, you share still,
    Of grateful Minstrel Burns.

Robert Burns

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