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Poem by Robert Burns

* * *

There was a lass, they ca'd her Meg,
     And she held o'er the moors to spin;
There was a lad that follow'd her,
     They ca'd him Duncan Davison.
The moor was dreigh, and Meg was skeigh,
     Her favour Duncan couldnawin;
Forwi'therockshewadhim knock,
     And aye she shook the temper-pin.

As o'er the moor theylightlyfoor,
     Aburnwas clear, a glen was green,
Upon the banks they eas'd their shanks,
     And aye she set the wheel between:
     That Meg should be a bride the morn;
Then Meg took up her spinning-graith,
     Andflangthema'out o'er the burn.

We willbiga wee,weehouse,
     And we will live like king and queen;
Saeblythe and merry's we will be,
     When yesetbythe wheel at e'en.
A man may drink, and no be drunk;
     A man may fight, andnobe slain;
A man may kiss abonielass,
     And aye be welcome back again!

Robert Burns

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