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Poem by Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne

Saw Ye Nae My Peggy?

Saw ye nae my Peggy?
Saw ye nae my Peggy?
Saw ye Peggy comin'
Thro' Tillibelton's broom?
I'm frae Aberdagie,
Owre the crafts o' Craigie,
For aught I ken o' Peggy,
She's ayont the moon.

'Twas but at the dawin,'
Clear the cock was crawin',
I saw Peggy ca' in
Hawky by the brier.
Early bells were ringing,
Blythest birds were singing,
Sweetest flowers were springing,
A' her heart to cheer.

Now the tempest's blowin',
Almost water's flowin',
Deep and ford unknowin',
She maun cross the day.
Almond water spare her,
Safe to Lynedoch bear her;
Its braes ne'er saw a fairer,
Bess Bell nor Mary Gray.

Oh, now to be wi' her!
Or but ance to see her
Skaithless, far or near,
I'd gie Scotland's croun.
Byeword blind's a lover Ч
Wha's yon I discover?
Just yere ain fair rover
Stately stappin' doun.

Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne

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