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Poem by George Pope Morris

The Sword and the Staff

The sword of the hero!
  The staff of the sage!
Whose valor and wisdom
  Are stamped on the age!
Time-hallowed mementos
  Of those who have riven
The sceptre from tyrants,
  "The lightning from heaven!"

This weapon, O Freedom!
  Was drawn by the son,
And it never was sheathed
  Till the battle was won!
No stain of dishonor
  Upon it we see!
'Twas never surrendered
  Except to the free!

While Fame claims the hero
  And patriot sage,
Their names to emblazon
  On History's page,
No holier relics
  Will liberty hoard
Than FRANKLIN's staff, guarded
  By WASHINGTON's sword.

George Pope Morris

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