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Poem by Christian Milne

On a Blank Leaf of the Bible

COME, holy Spirit, to my aid,
To Thee be every homage paid;
Inhabit Thou my darken'd mind,
And there, unfeign'd, a welcome find!
Remove the veil that clouds my sight,
And saving shew Thy heav'nly light,
That beams throughout this sacred page,
The guide divine of youth and age.
Teach me to shun the devious path
Of vice, that draws deserved wrath:
Dwell with me thro' my fleeting race,
And, with Thee, bring the saving grace
Of Faith, and Hope, and pious Fear,
That I Thy "temple" may appear.
Transform my soul from gloomy cell,
To mansion bright, where Thou dost dwell;
Drive Vice and Folly from my breast,
And live Thou there, celestial Guest!

Christian Milne

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