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Poem by Christian Milne

Written in September, 1804

BROWN Autumn's come, dispersing leaves
On all the winds--and nodding sheaves
She brings, with reapers in her train,
Who gather in the yellow grain.
In AMALTHEA 's teeming horn
She brings the choicest fruits and corn.
Rich plenty smiles among the fields--
Its blushing fruits the orchard yields;
Each blessing sprung from earthly clod,
Does loudly praise the bounteous GOD ,
From whose great power each plant has birth,
And grows to feed the sons of earth.
The forest's leafy honours fade--
They brown and yellow strew the shade:
See yon rich spot, where lately grew,
In gaudy pride of every hue,
The fairest flowers; their beauty fled--
Now nought remains but podded seed!
Yon thorny shrub still fragrance throws,
Where droops the lately blooming rose;
The faded rose and wither'd thyme
As fragrant breathe as in their prime.
The human race, tho' youth be past--
Tho' age their bloom and vigour blast--
Still lovely seem, if from their youth
They've kept the pleasant paths of truth.
When from their lips their mortal breath
Shall 'scape, and leave their dust in death,
Still fragrance will perfume their name--
From age to age 'twill bloom the same.

Christian Milne

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