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Poem by Robert Burns

The Cairds Second Song

O merry hae I been teethin a heckle,
  	An merry has I been shapin a spoon;
O merry hae I been cloutin a kettle,
  	An kissin my Katie when a was done.
O a the lang day I ca at my hammer,
  	An a the lang day I whistle and sing,
A the lang night I cuddle my kimmer,
  	An a the lang night am as happys a King.

Bitter in dool I lickit my winnins,
  	O marrying Bees, to gie her a slave:
Blessd be the hour she coold in her linens,
  	And blythe be the bird that sings on her grave.
Come to my arms, my Katie, my Katie.
  	O come to my arms, an kiss me again!
Drucken or sober, heres to thee, Katie!
  	And blessd be the day I did it again.

May 1785

Robert Burns

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