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Poem by Robert Hetrick

The Invasion

While Monsieur is vowing our nation hell ruin,
Deprive us o freedom, our monarch an a,
His restless Convention declare their intention
Nae mair to let Britons o liberty blaw:
Their flat-bottomd vermin, along the coast swarming, 
Are ready to bring the invaders awa;
But our brave British freemen, both landsmen and seamen,
Will fall at their posts eer they flinch them ava.

Our dear happy island, where commerce is smiling,
Where freedom says this is my country by law;
Our laws are as mild as the heart of a child,
And the sway of our monarch is milder than a:
Our free constitution, since Wills revolution,
Deserves our support, our attachment, and a;
Whoeer wont protect it, should not he respected,
But hissd like a thief from our country awa.

But Monsieur take care, of old England beware,
For her children are ready to rise at a ca;
Your fop-doodle breeding and mountebank deeding,
John Bull he abhors, your flagaries and a:
Yet if, through persuasion, you try the invasion,
To please your great Consul, Convention, and a,
Redd up your affairs for your wives and your heirs,
For if ance you come owre you will near get awa.

And if to the north you would then sally forth,
There the chiefs their brave clans to battle will draw;
For Scotchmen are ready to fight like their daddies,
Repelling with fury Danes, Romans, and a;
Theyll follow their leaders against the invaders,
Nae dangers in war will make them turn awa;
Ye proud Gallic legions, who visit these regions,
Remember Sir Ralph and the auld Forty-twa.

But you, neighbour Pat, sir, what would ye be at, sir?
Nae mortal on earth understands you ava;
Though one partys loyal, the other stands trial,
And hangd are for traitors to country and law.
But Paddy be wise, man, take Sawneys advice, man,
Stand firm as a rock to your twin brothers twa;
Despise the intrusions of Gallic delusions,
Be true to your Monarch and Erin-go-bragh.

Ye sons of sweet Coila, your hearts they will boil a,
To think of your freedom by France taen awa,
Still may you inherit brave Wallaces spirit,
To fight for your country, and conquer or fa.
If friendship pervade us, though Frenchmen invade us,
We will make them repent that they tried it ava;
With Macadam and Oswald, Fullarton and Boswell,
Well pound them to dust, their Convention, and a.*

* The above-named gentlemen were commanders of volunteer corps in the vicinity of the authors residence.

Robert Hetrick

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