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Poem by Augustus Montague Toplady

* * *

Thee, Father, we bless, whose distinguishing grace
Selected a people to show forth Thy praise:
Nor is Thy love known by election alone;
For, O Thou hast added the gift of Thy Son.

The goodness in vain we attempt to explain,
Which found and accepted a ransom for men.
Great surety of Thine, Thou didst not decline
To follow the Fathers most gracious design.

To Jesus our Savior our thanks shall ascend,
Who saves to the utmost, and loves to the end.
Our ransom He paid! In His merit arrayed,
Attain we the glory for which we were made.

Sweet Spirit, how gracious! Thy mercy we bless,
Thy eminent share in the council of peace:
Great agent divine, to restore us is Thine,
And cause us afresh in Thy likeness to shine.

O God, tis Thy part to convince and convert:
To give a new life, and create a new heart:
By preference and grace were upheld in our race,
And kept in Thy love to the end of our days.

The Father, and Spirit and Son act as one,
Secure our salvation and cry, "It is done!"
Let us too agree now to glorify Thee,
Ineffable One! Thou adorable Three!

Augustus Montague Toplady

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