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Джеймс Генри Ли Хант (James Henry Leigh Hunt) (1784-1859)
Ли Хант (James Henry Leigh Hunt)

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  1. Кузнечик и сверчокTo the Grasshopper and the Cricket
  2. A Night-Rain in Summer
  3. The Glove and The Lions
  4. Death
  5. Дженни меня целовалаJenny Kissed Me
  6. The Nile
  7. May and the Poets
  8. An Angel in the House
  9. Rondeau
  10. Абу Бен АдхемAbou Ben Adhem
  11. A Fish Answers
  12. Cupid Drowned
  13. On Receiving a Crown of Ivy from John Keats
  14. How Robin and His Outlaws Lived in the Woods
  15. The Olive of Peace
  16. To John Keats
  17. Bellman's Verses for 1814
  18. Song of Fairies Robbing an Orchard
  19. Sudden Fine Weather
  20. Robin Hood, an Outlaw
  21. Walcheren Expedition
  22. To a Child During Sickness
  23. The Negro Boy
  24. To a Fish
  25. The Field of Battle
  26. To Robert Batty, M.D., on His Giving Me a Lock of Milton's Hair
  27. Ariadne Waking
  28. Robin Hood, a Child
  29. A Thought or Two on Reading Pomfret's

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