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Луиза Имоджен Гвини (Louise Imogen Guiney) (1861-1920)
Louise Imogen Guiney (Луиз Имоген Гвини)

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  1. Open, Time
  2. Fog
  3. Two Irish Peasant Songs
  4. A Last View
  5. For Izaak Walton
  6. In the Docks
  7. A Ballad of Kenelm
  8. Ad Antiquarium
  9. The Yew-Tree
  10. A Salutation
  11. A Porch in Belgravia
  12. To Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
  13. Martyrs’ Memorial
  14. A Seventeenth-Century Song
  15. Shropshire Landscape
  16. Rooks in New College Gardens
  17. April in Govilon
  18. Romans in Dorset
  19. A Footnote to a Famous Lyric
  20. The Lights of London
  21. In a Ruin, after a Thunderstorm
  22. On the Cenotaph of the Prince Imperial in Saint George’s Chapel
  23. Strikers in Hyde Park
  24. The Old Dial of Corpus
  25. The Chantry
  26. Of Joan’s Youth
  27. A Memory of a Breconshire Valley
  28. An Epitaph for William Hazlitt
  29. A Last Word on Shelley
  30. Sunday Chimes in the City
  31. The Tow-Path
  32. A December Walk
  33. On Leaving Winchester
  34. On the Pre-Reformation Churches about Oxford
  35. On the Same (continued)
  36. Undertones at Magdalen
  37. In a London Street
  38. Emily Brontë
  39. Pax Paganica
  40. Changes in the Temple
  41. On First Entering Westminster Abbey
  42. Saint Peter-ad-Vincula
  43. Doves
  44. In the Reading-Room of the British Museum
  45. York Stairs
  46. Port Meadow
  47. To a Child
  48. In a Perpendicular Church
  49. Columba and the Stork
  50. The Graham Tartan to a Graham
  51. Athassel Abbey
  52. Writ in my Lord Clarendon’s “History of the Rebellion”
  53. Valediction: R. L. S., 1894

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