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Джин Инджелоу (Jean Ingelow) (1820-1897)
Jean Ingelow (Джин Инджелоу)

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  1. A Winter Song
  2. A Sea Song
  3. The Mariner's Cave
  4. A Dead Year
  5. Loss And Waste
  6. Persephone
  7. Fancy
  8. The Lover Pleads
  9. A Wedding Song
  10. Reflections
  11. Noonday
  12. Compensation
  13. The Four Bridges
  14. The Dreams That Came True
  15. The High Tide On The Coast Of Lincolnshire
  16. An Ancient Chess Set
  17. One Morning, Oh! So Early
  18. The Long White Seam
  19. Song of the Old Love
  20. The Arrow-Slit
  21. Midsummer Night, Not Dark, Not Light
  22. A Cottage In A Chine
  23. The Shepard Lady
  24. On A Picture
  25. Nature, For Nature's Sake
  26. Speranza
  27. Like a Laverock in the Lift
  28. Divided
  29. Echo And The Ferry
  30. Winstanley
  31. Looking Down
  32. The Star's Monument
  33. A Mother Showing The Portrait Of Her Child
  34. If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem
  35. Kismet
  36. Wendover
  37. A Parson's Letter To A Young Poet
  38. Sand Martins
  39. The Monitions of the Unseen
  40. Requiescat In Pace!
  41. Regret
  42. Sweet Are His Ways Who Rules Above
  43. Strife And Peace
  44. A Song In Three Parts
  45. Sea-Mews In Winter Time
  46. Seven Times One
  47. The Maid-Martyr
  48. Lovers At The Lake Side
  49. Thick Orchards
  50. Scholar And Carpenter
  51. Dora
  52. Perdita
  53. Afterthought
  54. The Beginning
  55. Grand Is The Leisure Of The Earth
  56. The Measureless Gulfs Of Air Are Full Of Thee
  57. A Vine-Arbour In The Far West

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