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Jean Ingelow (Джин Инджелоу)


 from Afternoon at a Parsonage

MAN dwells apart, though not alone,
    He walks among his peers unread; 
The best of thoughts which he hath known.
    For lack of listeners are not said.

Yet dreaming on earth's clustered isles,
    He saith "They dwell not lone like men, 
Forgetful that their sunflecked smiles
    Flash far beyond each other's ken."

He looks on God's eternal suns
    That sprinkle the celestial blue, 
And saith, "Ah! happy shining ones,
    I would that men were grouped like you!"

Yet this is sure, the loveliest star
    That clustered with its peers we see, 
Only because from us so far
    Doth near its fellows seem to be. 

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