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John Codrington Bampfylde (Джон Кодрингтон Бампфилд)

Written at a Farm

AROUND my porch and lowly casement spread;
   The myrtle never-sear, and gadding vine,
   With fragrant sweet-briar love to intertwine;
   And in my garden's box-encircled bed,
The pansy pied, and musk-rose white and red,
   The pink and tulip, and honeyed woodbine,
   Fling odors round; the flaunting eglantine
   Decks my trim fence, 'neath which, by silence led,
The wren hath wisely placed her mossy cell;
   And far from noise, in courtly land so rife,
   Nestles her young to rest, and warbles well.
Here in this safe retreat and peaceful glen
   I pass my sober moments, far from men;
   Nor wishing death too soon, nor asking life. 

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