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Thomas Hardy (Томас Харди)

News for her Mother


One mile more is
Where your door is,
Mother mine! –
Harvest’s coming,
Mills are strumming,
Apples fine,
And the cider made to-year will be as wine.


Yet, not viewing
What’s a-doing
Here around
Is it thrills me,
And so fills me
That I bound
Like a ball or leaf or lamb along the ground.


Tremble not now
At your lot now,
Silly soul!
Hosts have sped them
Quick to wed them,
Great and small,
Since the first two sighing half-hearts made a whole.


Yet I wonder,
Will it sunder
Her from me?
Will she guess that
I said ‘Yes,’ – that
His I’d be,
Ere I thought she might not see him as I see!


Old brown gable,
Granary, stable,
Here you are!
O my mother,
Can another
Ever bar
Mine from thy heart, make thy nearness seem afar?

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