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Robert Anderson (Роберт Андерсон)

Song 1. A Lassie and a Gill

Let Fortune smile on Impudence,
And to the dunce prove kind;
Gi'e me the chiel wi' common sense
And independent mind,
Wha can agree
Wi' Poverty,
And be contented still,
Wha ilka night delights to see
His Lassie and his Gill.

By Hope, that will--o'--th'--wisp, we're led--
To youth her aid she lends;
But when ilk golden prospect's fled,
And man to poortith bends,
The warl will frown,
And haud him down,
In spite o' Reason's skill:
E'en then life's sweetners are his own,
A Lassie and a Gill.

Let Grandeur tak' the gilded wa's,
And frae poor Merit fly,
There's still ae charm that a' his ha's
And filthy gowd can't buy:
In palace pent,
Knows he content,
Like Hab wha tends the mill,
Wha smiles at ills he can't prevent--
His Lassie and his Gill.

Sin' warly riches canna gain
A day, nor yet an hour,
A fig for Wealth and a' her train,
Let's be content tho' poor,
And laugh at Care,
And black Despair,
And mak' Time cheerie still;
When thus, we need but twa things mair,
A Lassie and a Gill. 

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