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Robert Anderson (Роберт Андерсон)

Lines To A Redbreast

Wee namesake! I hae known thee lang,
And listen'd aft thy dulcet sang,
Far frae thy woodland shade;
When Boreas, wi' his gloomy train,
Spread desolation o'er the plain,
Poor houseless flutt'rer! ne'er in vain,
Didst thou implore my aid.

Thy fate and mine are e'vn the same;
Unheeded pair, unknown to fame,
We sing the hours away:
Yet, Robin, thou canst taste repose,
In spite o' thy rapacious foes;
While reas'ning man, subdu'd by woes,
To grief aft fa's a prey.

Come cheerfu' bird, my cottage share!
Ay welcome to my hamely fare,
Till Spring decks ilka tree;
Then wilt thou wanton on the wing,
Or on some ivy'd turret sing;
But, O! nae season's change can bring
A season's joys to me! 

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