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Robert Burns (Роберт Бёрнс)

* * *

O BONNIE was yon rosy brier,
  That blooms sae fair frae haunt o’ man;
And bonnie she, and ah, how dear!
  It shaded frae the e’enin sun.

Yon rosebuds in the morning dew,
  How pure amang the leaves sae green;
But purer was the lover’s vow
  They witness’d in their shade yestreen.

All in its rude and prickly bower,
  That crimson rose, how sweet and fair!
But love is far a sweeter flower
  Amid life’s thorny path o’ care.

The pathless wild, and wimpling burn,
  Wi’ Chloris in my arms, be mine;
And I the world nor wish nor scorn,
  Its joys and griefs alike resign.

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