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James Hogg (Джеймс Хогг)


Caledonia! thou land of the mountain and rock,
  Of the ocean, the mist, and the wind-
Thou land of the torrent, the pine, and the oak,
  Of the roebuck, the hart, and the hind;
Though bare are thy cliffs, and though barren thy glens,
  Though bleak thy dun islands appear,
Yet kind are the hearts, and undaunted the clans,
  That roam on these mountains so drear!

A foe from abroad, or a tyrant at home,
  Could never thy ardour restrain;
The marshall'd array of imperial Rome
  Essay'd thy proud spirit in vain!
Firm seat of religion, of valour, of truth,
  Of genius unshackled and free,
The muses have left all the vales of the south,
  My loved Caledonia, for thee!

Sweet land of the bay and wild-winding deeps
  Where loveliness slumbers at even,
While far in the depth of the blue water sleeps
  A calm little motionless heaven!
Thou land of the valley, the moor, and the hill,
  Of the storm and the proud rolling wave-
Yes, thou art the land of fair liberty still,
  And the land of my forefathers' grave!

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