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Janet Hamilton (Джанет Гамильтон)

Address to Col. D. C. R. Carrick-Buchanan of Drumpellier

Hail! noble mind, that formed the liberal plan:
Hail! generous heart, that on the working man,
With kindly courtesy, this day bestowed
A valued boon; while thousand bosoms glow'd
With grateful feeling. May thy high intent
And noble purpose to its full extent
Be blest and gratified. Thy willing aid,
Both past and present, be it ever paid
With honour, by the class whom thy design
Is to improve—to elevate—refine.
May high success attend thy every plan
To raise the status of the working man.

And she, the gentle partner of thy life,
A gracious lady and a tender wife,
Whose loving charities so oft assuage
The pains of want, disease, and helpless age:
Who bids her teacher sway with gentle rule
The youthful pupils in the "Lady's School,"
All sacred truth upon their hearts to bind,
And "pour the fresh instruction o'er the mind."
For this—for all—may ye, oh, honoured pair,
Heaven's richest, choicest blessings ever share!

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