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Janet Hamilton (Джанет Гамильтон)


Go spread thy strong pinions, and rear thy proud crest,
Cleave the red clouds of morn with unwavering breast;
Bold eagle! full soon on thy unshrinking eyes,
Shall the young sun of Freedom in splendour arise!

The vultures of Tyranny shrink from thy glance,
And Liberty smiles as she sees thee advance;
She hails her brave Nizard, the true bird of Jove,
With the bolts of the Thunderer he swoops from above!

Ye demons of torture, ye fiends of the cells,
Where death-breathing vapours and dark horror dwells,
Avaunt! lo, your dungeons are shattered and riven,
And their secrets are bared to the pure light of Heaven.

The brilliants are dimmed that encircle the crown
Of earth's proudest Despot, thou chief of renown,
By the bright gleaming lightnings that flash from the brand
Thou wield'st in the van of thy conquering band. 

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