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Katharine Tynan (Кэтрин Тайнен)


So I have sunk my roots in earth 
Since that my pretty boys had birth; 
And fear no more the grave and gloom, 
I, with the centuries to come. 

As the tree blossoms so bloom I, 
Flinging wild branches to the sky; 
Renew each year my leafy suit, 
Strike with the years a deeper root. 

Shelter a thousand birds to be, 
A thousand herds give praise to me; 
And in my kind and grateful shade 
How many a weary head be laid. 

I clothe myself without a stain. 
In me a child is born again, 
A child that looks with innocent eyes 
On a new world with glad surprise. 

The old mistakes are all undone, 
All the old sins are purged and gone. 
Old wounds and scars have left no trace, 
There are no lines in this young face. 

To hear the cuckoo the first time, 
And ’mid new roses in the prime 
To read the poets newly. This, 
Year after year, shall be my bliss. 

Of me shall love be born anew; 
I shall be loved and lover too; 
Years after this poor body has died 
Shall be the bridegroom and the bride. 

Of me shall mothers spring to know 
The mother’s bliss, the mother’s woe; 
And children’s children yet to be 
Shall learn their prayers about my knee. 

And many million lights of home 
Shall light for me the time to come. 
Unto me much shall be forgiven, 
I that make many souls for heaven.

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