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Katharine Tynan (Кэтрин Тайнен)

The Lowlands of Flanders

THE night that I was married
Our Captain came to me:
Rise up, rise up, new-married man
And come at once with me.

For the Lowlands of Flanders,
It's there that we must fight;
So look your last and buss your last,
For we shall sail to-night.

'Tis all for our Counterie
And for our King we go
To the Lowlands of Flanders
Against the German foe.

The girl that weds a soldier
Must never blench for fear;
I kissed my last and looked my last
Upon my lovely dear.

The Lowlands of Flanders,
Their rivers run so red.
But I must say Good-bye, my dear,
My only dear, I said.

For now I must go sailing
Upon the stormy main;
Good-bye, good-bye, my only Love,
Till I shall come again.

I put her white arms from me,
Her cheek was cold as clay.
The night that I was married
No longer I might stay.

Our bugles they are blowing,
And I must sail the sea,
For the Lowlands of Flanders
Betwixt my love and me.

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