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Thomas Urquhart (Томас Эркарт)

Epigrams. The Second Booke. № 41. How to oppose sinister fate.

IF of misfortune you suppose t'exoner
By any other meanes, then those of vertue,
Your troubled spirit: you bestow upon her
Both your owne skll, and weapons to subvert you;
For that, wherewith you 'magine to resist
Her furie, is already in her hand:
And which she holds extended to your breast,
To make you plyable to her command:
It is not then great friends, Nobilitie,
Health, beauty, strength, nor store of worldly treasure,
That can preserve you from her blowes; for the
Of all those things disposeth at her pleasure:
But you, your selfe must furnish with such armes,
As may defend you against vice, and sin:
And so you shall not need to feare her harmes:
For being so warded, you are happy in
The tumults of the world: and she unable
With all her might, to make you miserable.

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