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Royall Tyler (Ройалл Тайлер)

Convivial Song for General Morris

Talk not of your Washington's,
Hancock's and Sullivan's,
And all the wild crew;
Our Tom set on high
With his single eye
Can more espy
Than they can with two.
Here's to eagle-eyed Gideon,
Who keeps his eye steady on
And is ever ready on
The public amounts.
And to Ira our Treasurer,
Eke our land measurer,
God soon send him leisure more
To settle his accounts.
To the brave General Enos,
Who steps firm between us
And cuts a great dash;
To that son of Zion,
Judah's young Lyon,
To melt his ore iron,
May he never lack cash.
Now Bradley our General
Who ever so well
A story can tell,
Our glasses must fill;
He can turn black to white,
And is always in the right,
Be on which side he will.
Here's to Morris our Brigadier,
Who so kindly invites us here
And gives us this treat;
And to the noble Tichenor,
Who has so long been wishing for
And ever will be itching for
The Governor's seat.

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