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Royall Tyler (Ройалл Тайлер)

Ode to Night Yalden's Ode

Hail Reverend Monarch! Hoary Night!
Extend thy ever Blissful reign,
Bid jarring passions cease with Light,
And Peace Lead forth thy jocund Train-
Thy Loyal Subjects here we sit
Beneath they ever Blest domain
In Amity and Friendship met
To Celebrate thy Happy Reign.
Elder than light, beneath thy sway,
When thy imperial flag's unfurl'd
At thy Dread March-Light shrinks away
And owns Thee Monarch of the World.
Like some vast realm whose spacious Round
The monarch's Face by Turns must Bless
Thy empire by Creation bound
By turns Enjoys Thy Sovereign Grace.
The parched Earth oppress'd, at length
Pants for thy shades and by Thee blest
Quaffs thy Rich Dews, renews her strength,
And with the Laborer finds rest-
The soaring birds, the scaly race,
Reptile and insect own thy power;
The beasts crouch low-at thy approach,
Bows every herb, droops every flower.
At thy approach, the sons of war
Unnerve the arms, bid discord cease;
The clamorous mart, the noisy bar,
The shrill-tongued shrew, are hushed to peace.
Reclined beneath thy murky glades,
Secure the secret lover plies;
Shielded by thy compacted shades,
The dart of scandal vainly flies.
Hail reverend monarch! whilst you shed,
O'er sleeping myriads ease from pain;
Thy gayer mantle o'er us spread,
Who wake, to celebrate thy reign.
Wine, sparkling as thy starry glade-
In every mantling cup infuse;
Send friendship, strength'ning as thy shade,
Converse, refreshing as thy dews. 

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