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Mary Sidney (Мэри Сидни)

Psalm 150

Oh, laud the Lord, the God of hosts commend,
       Exalt his pow’r, advance his holiness:
       With all your might lift his almightiness;
Your greatest praise upon his greatness spend.
Make trumpet’s noise in shrillest notes ascend;
       Make lute and lyre his loved fame express;
       Him let the pipe, him let the tabret bless,
Him organ’s breath, that winds or waters lend.
Let ringing timbrels so his honor sound,
       Let sounding cymbals so his glory ring,
       That in their tunes such melody be found
As fits the pomp of most triumphant king.
Conclude: by all that air or life enfold,
       Let high Jehovah highly be extolled.

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