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Alfred Tennyson (Альфред Теннисон)

The Palace of Art

ONE seemed all dark and red--a tract of sand,
    And some one pacing there alone, 
Who paced for ever in a glimmering land,
    Lit with a low large moon.

One showed an iron coast and angry waves.
    You seemed to hear them climb and fall 
And roar rock-thwarted under bellowing caves,
    Beneath the windy wall.

And one, a full-fed river winding slow
    By herds upon an endless plain, 
The ragged rims of thunder brooding low,
    With shadow-streaks of rain.

And one, the reapers at their sultry toil.
    In front they bound the sheaves. Behind 
Were realms of upland, prodigal in oil,
    And hoary to the wind.

And one a foreground black with stones and slags,
    Beyond, a line of heights, and higher 
All barr'd with long white cloud the scornful crags,
    And highest, snow and fire.

And one, an English home-gray twilight pour'd
    On dewey pastures, dewey trees, 
Softer than sleep-all things in order stored,
    A haunt of ancient Peace.

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