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Poems about Abbeys

  • A Picture at Newstead (Matthew Arnold)
  • Abbey Assaroe (William Allingham)
  • Athassel Abbey (Louise Imogen Guiney)
  • Bolton Abbey (Christopher Newman Hall)
  • Dale Abbey (James Montgomery)
  • Elegy on Newstead Abbey (George Gordon Byron)
  • Fonthill Abbey (William Lisle Bowles)
  • Fountains Abbey (Ebenezer Elliott)
  • Fountains Abbey (Anonymous)
  • Furness Abbey (Letitia Elizabeth Landon)
  • Furness Abbey (Katharine Lee Bates)
  • Glastonbury Abbey and Wells Cathedral (William Lisle Bowles)
  • In Sherborne Abbey (Thomas Hardy)
  • Leiston Abbey (Bernard Barton)
  • Melrose Abbey (John Wilson)
  • Netley Abbey (William Lisle Bowles)
  • Newark Abbey (Thomas Love Peacock)
  • On First Entering Westminster Abbey (Louise Imogen Guiney)
  • On Leaving Newstead Abbey (George Gordon Byron)
  • On the Tombs in Westminster Abbey (Francis Beaumont)
  • Restoration of Malmesbury Abbey (William Lisle Bowles)
  • Roch Abbey (Ebenezer Elliott)
  • Sonnets on the Scenery of the Tweed (David Macbeth Moir)
  • Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse (Matthew Arnold)
  • The Monks of Kilcrea (Anonymous)
  • Tintern Abbey (Richard Monckton Milnes)
  • To Furness Abbey (Aubrey Thomas De Vere)
  • To Furness Abbey (Samuel Longfellow)
  • Whitby Abbey (William Leighton)
  • Woodspring Abbey (William Lisle Bowles)

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