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Poems about May

  • A Calendar of Sonnets. May (Helen Hunt Jackson)
  • A May Morning (William Henry Davies)
  • English May (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
  • First Collection. Spring. May (William Barnes)
  • From Irish Melodies. 54. The Young May Moon (Thomas Moore)
  • In May (Archibald Lampman)
  • May Day (Thomas MacDonagh)
  • May Morning (Edmund William Gosse)
  • May Morning (Robert Laurence Binyon)
  • May-Day Ode (William Makepeace Thackeray)
  • May (Janet Hamilton)
  • May (James Gates Percival)
  • May (John Payne)
  • May (Sara Teasdale)
  • May (Rose Terry Cooke)
  • Ode in May (William Watson)
  • On May (James Thomson)
  • Scene Between May and June (James Thomson)
  • Song on May Morning (John Milton)
  • Sweetest May (Robert Burns)
  • The End Of May (William Morris)
  • The Merry Month Of May (Thomas Dekker)

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