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Edwin Arnold (1832-1904)
Ёдвин јрнольд (Edwin Arnold)

The Rating of Edwin Arnold's Poems

  1. Almond Blossom
  2. She and He
  3. Destiny
  4. On Leaving Italy
  5. To My Mother
  6. Wishing
  7. Violetta
  8. The Season of Heat
  9. After Death in Arabia
  10. The Mourner
  11. The Light of Asia: Book the Third
  12. An Apology
  13. Academe
  14. The Fairy's Promise
  15. Dedicatory Sonnet
  16. Envoi to the Light of Asia
  17. The Light of Asia: Book the First
  18. The Light of Asia: Book the Second
  19. The Caliph's Draught
  20. Eiverwmenan
  21. Alley
  22. Iphigenia
  23. Quentin Matsys
  24. Sonnet to America
  25. A Song
  26. The Youth of Buddha
  27. The Eygptian Princess
  28. The Marriage
  29. The Falcon-Feast
  30. Hagar in the Wilderness
  31. The Alchemist
  32. With a Bracelet in the Form of a Snake
  33. The Division of Poland
  34. The Rhine and The Moselle

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