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Edward Herbert (1583-1648)
Эдуард Герберт (Edward Herbert)

The Rating of Edward Herbert's Poems

  1. An Ode Upon a Question Moved, Whether Love Should Continue Forever
  2. To His Watch When He Could Not Sleep
  3. Elegy Over A Tomb
  4. Tears, Flow No More, Or If You Needs Must Flow
  5. Ditty
  6. Kissing
  7. Sonnet Of Black Beauty
  8. To Her Hair
  9. Love's End
  10. Epitaph on King James
  11. Upon Combing Her Hair
  12. To Her Body
  13. To Her Mind
  14. Another Sonnet, To a Black Itself
  15. A Description
  16. To Her Face
  17. Ditty In Imitation Of The Spanish Entre Tanto Que L'Avril

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