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Edmund Waller (1606-1687)
Ёдмунд ”оллер (Edmund Waller)

The Rating of Edmund Waller's Poems

  1. On a Girdle
  2. To The King On His Navy
  3. To a Very Young Lady
  4. Go, Lovely Rose!
  5. On Tea
  6. The Dancer
  7. Old Age
  8. Of the Last Verses in the Book
  9. Of English Verse
  10. The Story Of Phœbus And Daphne, Applied
  11. While I Listen to Thy Voice
  12. A Panegyric
  13. To A Lady Singing A Song Of His Composing
  14. The Self Banished
  15. To Phyllis
  16. Upon the Late Storm
  17. To the King
  18. At Penshurst
  19. To One Married to an Old Man
  20. Of My Lady Isabella Playing on the Lute
  21. On the Friendship Betwixt Two Ladies

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