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Edmund Waller (1606-1687)
Ёдмунд ”оллер (Edmund Waller)

The Rating of Edmund Waller's Poems

  1. On a Girdle
  2. To the King on His Navy
  3. To a Very Young Lady
  4. On Tea
  5. Go, Lovely Rose!
  6. The Dancer
  7. Old Age
  8. A Panegyric
  9. Of the Last Verses in the Book
  10. Of English Verse
  11. The Story of Phœbus and Daphne, Applied
  12. Upon the Late Storm
  13. While I Listen to Thy Voice
  14. To Phyllis
  15. At Penshurst
  16. Of My Lady Isabella Playing on the Lute
  17. The Self Banished
  18. To the King
  19. To a Lady Singing a Song of His Composing
  20. On the Friendship Betwixt Two Ladies
  21. To One Married to an Old Man

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