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Henry Austin Dobson (1840-1921)
Генри Остин Добсон (Henry Austin Dobson)

The Rating of Henry Austin Dobson's Poems

  1. A Song of the Four Seasons
  2. To Richard Watson Gilder
  3. The Paradox of Time
  4. A Kiss
  5. To a Greek Girl
  6. You Bid Me Try
  7. Rose Leaves
  8. Before Sedan
  9. Fame Is a Food That Dead Men Eat
  10. In After Days When Grasses High
  11. A Garden Song
  12. A Persian Apologue
  13. When There Is Peace Our Land No More
  14. The Wanderer
  15. More Poets Yet!
  16. Ballad of the Armada
  17. The Last Proof
  18. The Sun-Dial
  19. A Familiar Epistle
  20. Knickerbocker
  21. The Forgotten Grave
  22. When This Old World Was New
  23. When Burbadge Played
  24. The Cradle
  25. Ars Victrix
  26. The Happy Printer
  27. O Fons Bandusae
  28. Incognita
  29. On the Future of Poetry
  30. For a Copy of Theocritus
  31. The Passionate Printer to His Love
  32. On a Nankin Plate

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