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Mark Akenside (1721-1770)
ћарк Ёйкенсайд (Mark Akenside)

The Rating of Mark Akenside's Poems

  1. The Nightingale
  2. Amoret
  3. Female Beauty
  4. The Poet
  5. Hymn to Science
  6. The Pleasures of Imagination
  7. Taste
  8. The Remonstrance of Shakespeare
  9. To Cordelia
  10. Friendship and Love
  11. Ode 6. On the Absence of the Poetic Inclination
  12. An Ode to the Country Gentlemen of England
  13. A British Philippic
  14. A Song
  15. Against Suspicion
  16. The Complaint
  17. Ode 1. Allusion to Horace
  18. On Love, To a Friend
  19. Ode to Thomas Edwards, Esq; on the late Edition of Mr. Pope's Works
  20. For a Column at Runnymede
  21. Ode 9. To Sleep
  22. To The Honourable Charles Townshend: From The Country
  23. The Virtuoso; in imitation of Spencer's Style and Stanza
  24. On a Sermon Against Glory
  25. Ode 4. To a Gentleman whose Mistress had married an Old Man
  26. On Lyric Poetry
  27. For a Statue of Chaucer at Woodstock

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