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Margaret Cavendish (1623-1673)
Margaret Cavendish

The Rating of Margaret Cavendish's Poems

  1. What is Liquid?
  2. Of Fire and Flame
  3. Nature's Cook
  4. Of Earth
  5. What Atomes Make Life
  6. A Warr with Atomes
  7. A World Made by Foure Atomes
  8. Of Aiery Atomes
  9. Of the Center
  10. Atomes and Motion Fall Out
  11. Motion and Figure
  12. Of the Sympathy of Atomes
  13. A World Made by Atomes
  14. All Things Last, or Dissolve, According to the Composure of Atomes
  15. What Atomes Make Change
  16. The Infinites of Matter
  17. Of Loose Atomes
  18. In the Center Atomes Never Separate
  19. Motion Is the Life of All Things
  20. Motion Directs, While Atomes Dance
  21. Cavendish
  22. The Weight of Atomes
  23. All Sharpe Atomes Do Run To The Center, And
  24. What Atomes Make Death
  25. Of Sharpe Atomes
  26. The Bignesse of Atomes
  27. Of Aire
  28. What Atomes Make the Wind Collick

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