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Lesbia Harford (1891-1927)

The Rating of Lesbia Harford's Poems

  1. УLove is not love . . . Ф
  2. The Invisible People
  3. Deliverance Through Art
  4. Every night I hurry home to see
  5. Fatherless
  6. I dreamt last night
  7. The Melbourne Cup
  8. I count the days until I see you, dear
  9. The Two Swans
  10. I came to live in Sophia Street
  11. I was sad
  12. Dearest, dearest
  13. They say Ч priests say
  14. Why does she put me to many indignities
  15. A bunch of lilac and a storm of hail
  16. I am no mystic. All the ways of God
  17. Though I had lost my love
  18. He has a fairy wife
  19. He has picked grapes in the sun. Oh it seems
  20. I must be dreaming through the days
  21. She has all Ireland in her blood
  22. I bought a red hat
  23. Each morning I pass on my way to work
  24. The Folk I Love
  25. Machinist's Song
  26. Ay, ay, ay, the lilies of the garden
  27. Closing Time: Public Library
  28. My heart is a pomegranate full of sweet fancies
  29. You, whom the grave cannot bind
  30. A Bronte Legend
  31. Florence kneels down to say her prayers
  32. Green and blue
  33. If you have loved a brave story
  34. A lady and I were walking
  35. I can't feel the sunshine
  36. I found an orchid in the valley fair
  37. Machinist Talking
  38. Suburban Dames
  39. All through the day at my machine
  40. He had served eighty masters. They'd have said
  41. I have golden shoes
  42. Summer Lightning
  43. Pink eucalyptus flowers
  44. Do you remember still the little song
  45. Child Sun

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