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David Macbeth Moir (1798-1851)
David Macbeth Moir

The Rating of David Macbeth Moir's Poems

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Sonnets on the Scenery of the Esk
  3. Sonnets on the Scenery of the Tweed
  4. Hawthornden
  5. The Ruins of Seton Chapel
  6. The Dark Wagon
  7. The Tower of Ercildoune
  8. The Thorn of Preston
  9. To a Dying Infant
  10. The Bass Rock
  11. The Old Seaport
  12. The Field of Pinkie
  13. Lines Written in the Isle of Bute
  14. Crichton Chapel
  15. The Rustic Lad's Lament in the Town
  16. Langside
  17. ThomsonТs Birthplace
  18. Kelburn Castle
  19. An Evening Sketch

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