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Countee Cullen (1903-1946)

The Rating of Countee Cullen's Poems

  1. Heritage
  2. For a Lady I Know
  3. Incident
  4. Fruit of the Flower
  5. Yet Do I Marvel
  6. Harlem Wine
  7. To a Brown Boy
  8. To Certain Critics
  9. The Loss of Love
  10. A Brown Girl Dead
  11. SaturdayТs Child
  12. Simon the Cyrenian Speaks
  13. Nocturne
  14. That Bright Chimeric Beast
  15. Song in Spite of Myself
  16. To John Keats, Poet, at Spring Time
  17. I Have a Rendezvous with Life
  18. The Shroud of Color
  19. Lines to My Father
  20. Thoughts in a Zoo
  21. For a Poet
  22. The Wise
  23. Tableau
  24. To a Brown Girl
  25. From the Dark Tower
  26. The Wakeupworld
  27. She of the Dancing Feet Sings
  28. Youth Sings a Song of Rosebuds
  29. Karenge Ya Marenge

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