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Mary Hobson (1926-2020)
Mary Hobson ( )

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  1. Despair
  2. The Half-life
  3. Movement of Trains
  4. I used to be afraid of death
  5. Weather Forecast
  6. Perhaps Ive Tried Too Hard
  7. Translators Lament
  8. Another Winter in Zaraisk
  9. The Crowd
  10. Eclipse
  11. Doggerel
  12. Death and the Biker
  13. The pains the same size as the love
  14. Junk Food
  15. Theyll say Do you remember when?
  16. For Neil. 11 February, 2011
  17. Snow in Zaraisk
  18. Now I will always know that you died
  19. Waterloo Station
  20. Meditations on Marcus Aurelius
  21. Summer in Zaraisk or Who wrote Shakespeare?
  22. The Counsellors
  23. Laundry Blues

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