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Charles Tennyson Turner (1808-1879)

The Rating of Charles Tennyson Turner's Poems

  1. The Process of Composition: An Illustration
  2. Arms Old and New
  3. A Forest Sunset
  4. Missing the Meteors
  5. Prefatory
  6. On a Vase of Gold Fish
  7. We Cannot Keep Delight
  8. Morning Sorrows
  9. The Steam Threshing-Machine With the Straw Carrier
  10. Loss and Restoration of Smell
  11. The Sea-Side Truants
  12. East or West?
  13. The Half-Rainbow
  14. The Rookery
  15. From Harvest to January
  16. The Buoy-Bell
  17. The Planet and the Tree
  18. The Lions Skeleton
  19. The Lattice at Sunrise
  20. Lettys Globe
  21. Her First-Born
  22. Our Mary and the Child Mummy
  23. Orion

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