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Frederick Goddard Tuckerman (1821-1873)

The Rating of Frederick Goddard Tuckerman's Poems

  1. First Series. 28. Not the round natural world, not the deep mind
  2. First Series. 10. An upper chamber in a darkened house
  3. November
  4. Second Series. 7. His heart was in his garden; but his brain
  5. First Series. 1. Sometimes, when winding slow by brook and bower
  6. Second Series. 1. That boy, the farmer said, with hazel wand
  7. April
  8. Second Series. 16. Under the mountain, as when first I knew
  9. Third Series. 10. Sometimes I walk where the deep water dips
  10. First Series. 7. Dank fens of cedar, hemlock branches gray
  11. Second Series. 15. Gertrude and Gulielma, sister-twins
  12. First Series. 6. Not sometimes, but to him that heeds the whole
  13. First Series. 26. For Nature daily through her grand design
  14. First Series. 27. So to the mind long brooding but on it
  15. Third Series. 4. Thin little leaves of wood fern, ribbed and toothed
  16. First Series. 8. As when down some broad river dropping, we
  17. First Series. 13. As one who walks and weeps by alien brine
  18. First Series. 5. And so the day drops by, the horizon draws

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