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James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916)
James Whitcomb Riley (Джеймс Уиткомб Райли)

The Rating of James Whitcomb Riley's Poems

  1. A Parting Guest
  2. When the Frost Is on the Punkin
  3. The Rain
  4. A Life Lesson
  5. Granny
  6. Extremes
  7. The Bumblebee
  8. Lawyer and Child
  9. Where the Children Used to Play
  10. A Letter to a Friend
  11. When Age Comes on
  12. Dear Hands
  13. His Room
  14. The Harper
  15. Wet-Weather Talk
  16. North and South
  17. The Drum
  18. A Barefoot Boy
  19. On the Death of Little Mahala Ashcraft
  20. Knee-Deep in June
  21. A Hymb of Faith
  22. To My Old Friend, William Leachman
  23. My Fiddle
  24. The Clover
  25. The Old Swimmin'-Hole
  26. My Philosofy
  27. The Mulberry Tree
  28. A Summer's Day
  29. Wortermelon Time
  30. Thoughts Fer the Discuraged Farmer

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