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John Pierpont (1785-1866)
John Pierpont (ƒжон ѕьерпон)

The Rating of John Pierpont's Poems

  1. Begone Vile Rum
  2. To a Friend
  3. My Child
  4. The Pilgrim Fathers
  5. The Chain
  6. Drinking Song
  7. The Portrait
  8. Hymns for Ordination and Installation 1
  9. Airs of Palestine
  10. We Conquer or Die
  11. To My Grave
  12. Economy of Slavery
  13. Away with Melancholy
  14. Warren's Address to the American Soldiers, Before the Battle of Bunker Hill
  15. Awake, Awake, Take the Pledge
  16. The Garden of Gethsemane
  17. Come All Ye Young Teetotallers
  18. Plymouth Rock
  19. Unchain the Laborer
  20. I Would Not Live Always
  21. A Sister's Thoughts over a Brother's Grave
  22. News-Carrier's Address
  23. Jingle Bells
  24. Away the Bowl
  25. Come Sign the Vow!
  26. The Ballot
  27. Farewell the Bowl
  28. The Temperance Crew
  29. Christmas Hymn
  30. Evening Prayer for a Child
  31. The Cold Water Army
  32. For the Album of Miss Caroline C---
  33. Her Chosen Spot
  34. Temperance Song
  35. Death of Charles Follen
  36. Christian's Duty to Attempt the Salvation of Drunkards

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