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James Weldon Johnson (1871-1938)
James Weldon Johnson

The Rating of James Weldon Johnson's Poems

  1. Ghosts of the Old Year
  2. Life
  3. Beauty That Is Never Old
  4. The Gift to Sing
  5. To America
  6. The Glory of the Day Was in Her Face
  7. The Awakening
  8. You's Sweet to Yo' Mammy Jes de Same
  9. Mother Night
  10. Fragment
  11. The Suicide
  12. Father, Father Abraham
  13. Brothers
  14. The Seasons
  15. Vashti
  16. Her Eyes Twin Pools
  17. To Horace Bumstead
  18. Nobody's Lookin' But de Owl and de Moon
  19. The Color Sergeant
  20. Ma Lady's Lips Am Like de Honey
  21. A Banjo Song
  22. The White Witch
  23. I Hear the Stars still Singing
  24. Prayer at Sunrise
  25. The Young Warrior
  26. A Plantation Bacchanal
  27. Down by the Carib Sea. 3. Teestay
  28. УLazyФ
  29. Deep in the Quiet Wood
  30. The Word of an Engineer
  31. Omar
  32. Tunk
  33. Down by the Carib Sea. 6. Sunset in the Tropics
  34. Down by the Carib Sea. 2. Los Cigarillos
  35. A Mid-Day Dreamer
  36. Answer to Prayer
  37. Before a Painting
  38. Fifty Years
  39. Girl of Fifteen
  40. The Temptress
  41. Down by the Carib Sea. 5. The Dancing Girl
  42. Voluptas
  43. Sleep
  44. The Black Mammy
  45. Down by the Carib Sea. 1. Sunrise in the Tropics
  46. Venus in a Garden
  47. The Reward
  48. Down by the Carib Sea. 4. The Lottery Girl
  49. O Black and Unknown Bards
  50. The Ghost of Deacon Brown
  51. 'Possum Song
  52. Morning, Noon and Night
  53. O Southland!
  54. July in Georgy
  55. Dat Gal o' Mine
  56. Sence You Went Away
  57. And the Greatest of These Is War
  58. Brer Rabbit, You's de Cutes' of 'Em All
  59. De Little Pickaninny's Gone to Sleep
  60. An Explanation

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