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Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906)
Paul Laurence Dunbar (Пол Лоренс Данбар)

The Rating of Paul Laurence Dunbar's Poems

  1. October
  2. Common Things
  3. The Seedling
  4. Life
  5. Sunset
  6. A Prayer
  7. The Poet and His Song
  8. Retort
  9. The Lesson
  10. Whittier
  11. Passion and Love
  12. Ode to Ethiopia
  13. Accountability
  14. The Corn-Stalk Fiddle
  15. The Rising of the Storm
  16. Song (My heart to thy heart)
  17. The Master-Player
  18. An Ante-Bellum Sermon
  19. The Mystery
  20. Ere Sleep Comes down to Soothe the Weary Eyes
  21. The Old Apple-Tree
  22. Not They Who Soar
  23. Frederick Douglass

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