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Joseph Rodman Drake (1795-1820)
Joseph Rodman Drake (  )

The Rating of Joseph Rodman Drake's Poems

  1. Song (Oh the Tear is in my Eye, and my Heart it is Breaking)
  2. The American Flag
  3. To a Friend
  4. The Culprit Fay
  5. Lines
  6. Hope
  7. Niagara
  8. Lines to a Lady, on Hearing Her Sing Cushlamachree
  9. To Eva
  10. To a Lady with a Withered Violet
  11. To Sarah
  12. Song (Oh! go to sleep, my baby dear)
  13. Lines Written on Leaving New Rochelle
  14. Written in a Ladys Album
  15. Song (Tis not the beam of her bright blue eye)
  16. Fragment
  17. To ---
  18. Bronx

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