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Henry Cuyler Bunner (1855-1896)
Henry Cuyler Bunner (Генри Куйлер Баннер)

The Rating of Henry Cuyler Bunner's Poems

  1. One, Two, Three!
  2. The Heart of the Tree
  3. A Pitcher of Mignonette
  4. The Way to Arcady
  5. Strong as Death
  6. Feminine
  7. A Dead Woman
  8. Grant
  9. The Light
  10. The Red Box at Vesey Street
  11. Behold the Deeds!
  12. The Chaperon
  13. Candor
  14. Just a Love Letter
  15. Shriven
  16. In a Paris Restaurant
  17. The Future of the Classics

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